How to set up a PPF installation company

How to set up a PPF installation company

With people becoming increasingly inclined to protect and ensure the longevity of their expensive new tech, especially cars, the market for PPF installations continues to grow year on year. People generally don't buy an expensive new phone and leave it without a case, and the same should apply to their car.

The time to start your paint protection company is now, but how?

Explore the process of making money from installing PPF kits, and see if it's right for you.


1. Learn how to install a PPF kit 

It is crucial that the foundation of your business is solid, and in this case, you must be well versed in installing PPF kits. 

For those that are professional installers, this part may already come naturally to you. Make sure you are confident with a range of car models, shapes and sizes.

Those who are starting out can take a quick PPF kit course which will help in understanding the equipment, software and techniques required when installing PPF. You will even cover important information regarding the pattern cutting software and the PPF target market, giving you a solid foundation of knowledge before your company begins.

We even recommend trained installers to take this 2 day course, as not only a refresh on technique, but an overview on the market and top business tips from those succeeding in the market already. 


2. Research and planning

The training course will help you with this, but you will need to look into the market yourself, as your peers could be your potential competitors.

  • Research PPF kit installers in your chosen area

Are there others already installing in locations near you? How can you stand out against them? These are all questions to keep in mind. Understand that if you will be located in countryside areas with little population of people and cars, you may want to reconsider where your base will be.

  • Research startup costs

Determine your startup costs, including equipment purchases, training expenses, insurance, and marketing materials.

  • Decide on a business plan
Register your company and start structuring it. How many cars can you realistically reach? What are your yearly goals and forecasts? Decide on a profit margin that you will make on each kit.


 3. Investing in equipment

Equipment, including your PPF vinyl wrap and tools, need to be topped up throughout your business venture fluidly. This helps when you know exactly where to get them from without having to think, and at the perfect price.

Make connections with PPF providers who can supply you with PPF in any quantity and size. PPF kits provides affordable and high quality kits shipped quickly across the country, so you may start here.

PPF kits also supply needed equipment, but you may want to invest in some more to keep your stocks up.


4.  Set up your workspace

Find a spacious workspace that's based in your chosen location. You will need a large garage style studio room do apply the PPF in when it is raining outside.

Ensure your workspace is well-lit, properly ventilated, and equipped with necessary amenities for both you and your client. 


5. Market and promote

It's time to spread the word about your business.

  • Create a professional website
Showcasing your services, portfolio of past installations, and customer testimonials. Create a brand image, style and colour palette for extra professionalism.
  • Utilise social media platforms
Increase visibility and attract potential customers through facebook, instagram and other platforms. Tiktok PPF videos are blowing up because of their satisfying nature.
  • Network with local automotive businesses, such as car dealerships, detailing shops, and auto body shops, to establish partnerships and referrals.

6. Be the best

Provide exceptional service and you will experience the benefits. Stay up to date with industry standards and the adapting, evolving market of car protection. Constantly review your progress in order to see how popular PPF kits are in your area. 

Encourage your customers to leave satisfied reviews in order to draw more people in.


The demand for PPF kits is real.

There's never been a better time to venture into the PPF market, and Presson can guide you along your business venture with important skills and suggestions through a 2 day course. 

Want to try out PPF for the first time? See if PPF kits are right for you by ordering here. 

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